Attention Local 399
Health & Welfare Plan Participants:

In accordance with provisions of The Affordable Care Act (health care reform),
you may download a copy of  the Summary of Benefits and Coverage ("SBC") for your health plan.

The purpose of the SBC is to provide you with a standardized document using consistent terminology describing the key features of the Health & Welfare Plan.  We made every attempt to provide accurate information on the SBC, but it contains only certain information and is limited to a standardized manner and format dictated by the regulations.  You should refer to your Summary Plan Description for a more complete description of the plan provisions.

Also available is an Amendment to Local 399's Health & Welfare Plan that will be
effective with services you receive after June 1, 2014.  The Amendment primarily enhances the benefit for treatment of mental health and substance abuse.

In addition, the Health & Welfare Board of Trustees approved a higher network level of benefits for ambulance services due to the absence of PPO ambulance providers in the area.

To view/download these documents, please click on the images below:

Summary of Benefits of Coverage



2014 Plan Improvements


What is the Health Care Marketplace
and What Does it Mean to Me?
Click here to learn more

Affordable Care Act (ACA) Required Notice:
Marketplace Coverage and Your H&W Plan Coverage
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Due to the popularity of the audiology screening tests at recent H&W Health Fair events, Epic Hearing is extending a limited time offer to all Local 399 members and their families for a no- cost hearing evaluation at one of their 5000 network locations. Although Local 399’s H&W Plan does not cover hearing aids, members will be eligible to purchase hearing aids through the EPIC Savings Plan at pre-negotiated rates that are
30-60% off the manufacturers suggested retail price.

Epic Hearing is making this offer available for the full 2014 calendar year.

Click here to learn more


Want a way to save on your long-term medicines?

CVS Caremark offers you a way to save money on your long-term medicines*
with 90-day supplies.** Now you can choose to fill your prescriptions at any CVS/pharmacy or with CVS Caremark Mail Service Pharmacy, for the same
low price. All you have to do is opt for a 90-day supply. Either way, you’ll save.

Click here for more information


Local 399 H&W Plan Expands
to a VSP Ancillary Network

Effective February 1, 2013, Costco and Visionworks were added on
to Local 399's Health & Welfare Plan as Affiliate Providers.

COSTCO: You must have a COSTCO membership to take advantage of
the low-cost frames and lenses at the Costco locations. You do not need
a Costco membership to have an eye exam - but please call VSP
Customer Service to be sure the Costco you wish to visit has a participating optometrist on site. VSP's customer service number is 800-877-7195.

Visionworks: This retail chain has been added to Local 399's H&W Plan
as an Affiliate Provider. They have several locations in the Chicagoland area. Please visit or call VSP's Customer Service for more details on
how to use your benefits at Visionworks.

Remember: You get the maximum benefit by using a VSP preferred provider: $10 exam copay; $20 materials copay with a $130 retail frame allowance
(your frame allowance at Costco is $70) and single vision and lined bifocal/trifocal lenses covered in full. (You can also use a vision provider
that is out of network and get up to $150 yearly benefit.)

Click here to view/download VSP flyer for addtiional details 

Call the H&W Fund Office or VSP's Customer Service with questions.



 Do we have your Correct Beneficiary in our Files?

The H&W Plan has a $10,000 death benefit. Active members of Local 399
have a $1,000 death benefit. If you want to be certain we have a correct
and current beneficiary on our files, please call the Fund Office and inquire.
If there is a change, we will have you complete a beneficiary change form and
change both the H&W and union beneficiary designation accordingly.

Have you moved, changed phone numbers
or home email address?

 Dont overlook notifying the union and H&W of a change of address or phone number when you make these changes. An expired post office forwarding order can mean you do not receive H&W Plan information, Local 399 Newsletters, Explanation of Benefit statements and other mailings. 

Please be sure to keep us informed!

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International Union of Operating Engineers
Local 399 Health & Welfare Fund
Summary of Medical Benefits
Effective June 1, 2013

(Click chart to enlarge)

 Contact Elite Administration Customer Service
(312) 243-1265
for information regarding your claim payment status


Contact Numbers:

H&W Fund Office Phone: 
(312) 372-9870  Option 3

H&W Dedicated Fax Number: 
(312) 842-0291

Click here for a H&W staff contact list

For questions or issues on Medical Coverage,
please call Elite Administration at (312) 243-1265

For questions or issues on Dental Coverage,
please call Delta Dental at (800) 323-1743

For questions on Prescriptions,
please call Caremark at (888) 727-0504

For questions or issues on Vision Coverage,
please call VSP at (800) 877-7195

If you are a member needing assistance,
please phone or e-mail the
Health & Welfare Fund Office Staff.