Dolan & Shannon, P.C., zealously represents and defends the rights of injured union members
and their families. Our lawyers are ready to fight for our clients, and know how to win.
Use the link below to visit our Web Page or call us at (888) 578-4408.


Goldberg Weisman Cairo is Chicagoland's largest Personal Injury and Worker's Compensation
law firm dedicated to representing union members and their families for accidental injuries.
GWC has a long history of representing the members of Local 399,
providing outstanding service and obtaining great results.
Feel free to contact Michael Goldberg or any of their 32 attorneys for a free consultation.
Phone: 312 464 1200 or 1- 800 486 1002

The Healy Law Firm
has a proven track record of obtaining excellent results for injured
union members and their families. Their Web Page contains information about what to do in the
event of work-related or non work-related injury.  Use the link above or below to visit their Web Page
or call The Healy Law Firm at (312) 977-0100 or (800) 922-4500


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