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International Union of Operating Engineers: Local 399
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Prescription Benefits



International Union of Operating Engineers Local 399
Health & Welfare Fund

Summary of Prescription Drug Benefit

Effective February 1, 2015


           Pharmacy Benefit
  Deductible   None
  Plan Pays at the Retail
  70% generic;   60% brand name
50% after 3rd retail fill of same drug
  Plan Pays at Mail Order
or CVS Pharmacy
      70% generic and brand name
for 90-day supply

Excluded Prescription Drug







  Cosmetic or weight loss

Fertility, i.e., Clomid

Impotency, i.e., Viagra


Smoking cessation

Experimental or not approved by
  Plan Exclusion   Prescriptions filled at Wal-Mart &
Sam's Club




How to Use Your Prescription Drug Benefit


             Retail:  Present your prescription and your CAREMARK ID card at any pharmacy
in the CAREMARK network (most major chains are included).  You will be asked 
to pay your 30 or 40% coinsurance.

Maintenance Drugs:  Medications that you take long-term (90-day fills for 12 month
period) can be filled through CAREMARK's mail order facility or at CVS pharmacies.

Mail order forms are available at the Fund Office or online at

For additional information, click here to view/download a copy of our
2015 Summary Plan Description Book